Do you want to expand your group’s provision and make your community feel more connected, happier and healthier?
Then starting cycling could be the answer!  Cycling UK in the North East want to hear from established groups who are willing to be trained and supported to deliver their own cycling activities.  They can work with a variety of organisations including community groups, education establishments and workplaces.  Your group’s activity can be anything cycling related; from family rides or a work bike train to bike maintenance or an off-road club, even an art based project involving bikes!
There’s no minimum experience needed, all you need is a commitment from your group to get the community cycling.  In fact, Cycling UK in the North East would love to hear from groups that haven’t done any cycling before but want to start.  For example, you could be a health group seeking entry level exercise, a family group wanting an activity both young and old can join in or an employability centre helping people to access more opportunities.
North-East Development Officer, Andrew, will work closely with your group to plan and set out the steps to deliver your new cycling activities.  Andrew will identify your needs, get your staff/ volunteers trained up, advise on purchasing training and equipment.  He will link your group into other local opportunities and work to secure funding for your group’s activities.  Successful Community Clubs will also be eligible for a grant to purchase anything they might need, including equipment and training.
If you want to get your community pedalling then get in touch with Andrew for a chat on 07831 863770 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.