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Northumberland VCS Organisations

Community Action Northumberland (CAN) – One of 38 Rural Community Councils across England which operate as a network under the umbrella of our national body ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England).  The voice of rural communities in Northumberland supported by the wealth of evidence and intelligence on rural matters collected from the 38 members.

Community and Voluntary Action Blyth Valley (CVA Blyth Valley) – Serves, facilitates and benefits the voluntary and community sector in Blyth, Cramlington and Seaton Valley through funding advice, information, support, guidance, training and a range of other services tailored to the needs of the individual organisation.

Federation of Northumberland Development Trusts (FONDT) – Supports and encourages the establishment of a development trust in every community throughout Northumberland and provides a united voice for community based regeneration in Northumberland, regionally, nationally and internationally through the Development Trusts Association network.

Healthwatch Northumberland – Giving users of health and social care services a powerful voice - both locally and nationally – by working with users of local health and social care services to hear about their experiences, find out about their issues or problems and helping to make sure there are improvements.

Hexham Community Partnership - The development trust serving Hexham and the surrounding communities in the Tyne Valley, Hexham Community Partnership works with the community and partners to make Hexham a vibrant, enterprising and adaptable market town for local residents, businesses and visitors.

North Northumberland Village Halls Consortium – Aims to help village and community halls serve their communities as effectively as possible to provide vital facilities for social, recreational and cultural activity throughout North Northumberland.

North Northumberland Voluntary Forum – Acts as a voice for local voluntary sector organisations and , through its annual awards ceremony, provides an outlet for the feelings of pride that local people have in their own voluntary activities, and those of their fellow citizens.

Northumberland Community Development Network (NCDN) – Supports people who are active in community development in Northumberland, whether they are users of services, local volunteers, unpaid community leaders or professionals working in and with communities.

Northumberland Community Voluntary Action (Northumberland CVA) - Delivers a range of both generic and specialist services, offering information, support and advice to voluntary and community groups throughout Northumberland.  Services include group development, funding advice, support for volunteer-involving organisations, training, as well as payroll and accountancy services.

VoiCeS Northumberland – Support for third sector organisations and groups to achieve positive outcomes for all children and young people in Northumberland by providing a voice for the sector, sharing information and knowledge and strengthening and building capacity.

West Northumberland Community Buildings Consortium – Aims to help village and community halls serve their communities as effectively as possible to provide vital facilities for social, recreational and cultural activity throughout West Northumberland.


Regional and National Organisations

Adapt (North East) – Aims to improve the quality of life of disabled people in the North East of England, who have sensory, physical and learning disabilities, or mental health problems, as well as people who are disadvantaged in being able to access services because they live in a rural location.

Locality - A national network of inspiring, ambitious and dedicated community-led organisations and associate members to inspire local communities to change and improve

National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA) – A national voice for local support and development organisations in England.

National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) – Champions the voluntary sector and volunteering by connecting, representing and supporting voluntary organisations, from the smallest community groups to the largest charities.        

Voluntary Organisations’ Network North East (VONNE) – A support body for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in the North East of England.


Northumberland Town & Parish Councils

Not all of Northumberland's town and parish councils have a website.  Alternative information and contact details on all the town and parish councils in the county is available on Northumberland County Council website.


Acklington Parish Council                                                             

Acomb Parish Council                                                                    

Allendale Parish Council                                                               

Alnmouth Parish Council                                                              

Alnwick Town Council                                                                   

Alwinton Parish Council                                                                                

Amble Town Council                                                                      

Ashington Town Council                                                                              

Bamburgh Parish Council                                                             

Bardon Mill Parish Council                                                           

Bavington Parish Council                                                              

Beadnell Parish Council                                                                

Belford with Middleton Parish Council                                   

Belsay Parish Council                                                                     

Berwick Town Council                                                                   

Birtley Parish Council                                                                     

Blyth Town Council                                                                         

Brinkburn & Hesleyhurst Parish Council                                

Broomhaugh & Riding Parish Council                                      

Broomley & Stocksfield Parish Council                                   

Bywell Parish Council                                                                     

Carham Parish Council                                                                  

Cartington Parish Council                                                             

Choppington Parish Council                                                        

Corbridge Parish Council                                                              

Cornhill on Tweed Parish Council                                             

Corsenside Parish Council                                                           

Cramlington Town Council                                                          

Craster Parish Council                                                                   

Cresswell Parish Council                                                               

Doddington Parish Council                                                          

Duddo Parish Council                                                                    

East Bedlington Parish Council                                                   

East Chevington Parish Council                                                 

Eglingham Parish Council                                                             

Ellingham Parish Council                                                               

Ellington & Linton Parish Council                                               

Elsdon Parish Council                                                                     

Felton Parish Council                                                                     

Ford Parish Council                                                                         

Glanton Parish Council                                                                  

Greenhead Parish Council                                                           

Haltwhistle Town Council                                                            

Harbottle Parish Council                                                                               

Hauxley Parish Council                                                                  

Haydon Parish Council                                                                  

Healey Parish Council                                                                    

Heddon-on-the-Wall Parish Council                                        

Hedley-on-the-Hill Parish Council                                            

Henshaw Parish Council                                                               

Hepscott Parish Council                                                                

Hexham Town Council                                                                  

Hexhamshire and District Council                                             

Holy Island Parish Council                                                            

Horsley Parish Council                                                                   

Humshaugh Parish Council                                                          

Ingram Parish Council                                                                    

Kielder Parish Council                                                                    

Kirknewton Parish Council                                                          

Lesbury Parish Council                                                                  

Longframlington Parish Council                                                 

Longhorsley Parish Council                                                         

Lowick Parish Council                                                                    

Lynemouth Parish Council                                                           

Matfen Parish Council                                                                   

Milfield Parish Council                                                                   

Mitford Parish Council                                                                  

Morpeth Town Council                                                                 

Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Town Council                                     

Newbrough Parish Council                                                          

Newton by the Sea                                                                        

Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland Parish Council        

Norham Parish Council                                                                                 

Otterburn Parish Council                                                             

Ovingham Parish Council                                                             

Pegswood Parish Council                                                             

Ponteland Town Council                                                              

Prudhoe Town Council                                                                 

Rennington Parish Council                                                          

Rochester and Byrness Parish Council                                    

Rothbury Parish Council                                                               

Sandhoe Parish Council                                                                

Seaton Valley Council                                                                    

Shilbottle Parish Council                                                               

Shotley Low Quarter Parish Council                                        

Slaley Parish Council                                                                      

Stamfordham Parish Council                                                      


Tarset with Greystead Parish Council                                     

Thirston Parish Council                                                                 

Tillside Parish Council                                                                    

Tritlington & West Chevington Parish Council                     

Ulgham Parish Council                                                                  

Warden Parish Council                                                                  

Wark Parish Council                                                                       

Warkworth Parish Council                                                           

West Bedlington Town Council                                                 

Whalton Parish Council                                                                 

Whittingham, Callaly and Alnham Parish Council                               

Whittington Parish Council                                                          

Widdrington Station and Stobswood Parish Council         

Wooler Parish Council                                                                   

Wylam Parish Council