Northumberland VCS Assembly event - Linden Hall, May 2015

Northumberland VCS Assembly is an inclusive, independent and influential voice for the Voluntary and Community Sector in the county.  Its role is to inform, engage with, co-ordinate and champion the views of the sector. 


What does the VCS Assembly do?

  • Provides a structure for effective communication and engagement
  • Provides opportunities for mutual support and learning
  • Promotes and raises the profile of the VCS and services provided with the public and private sectors
  • Provides leadership, accountability and speaks with one strong collective voice to influence policy and strategy based on a strong, active and diverse membership


The Assembly is also a mechanism for better engagement and influence with public sector partners and strategic partnerships to shape and respond to the challenges and opportunities facing the sector in Northumberland.  We operate with openness and transparency. We value our own learning and the opportunities the Assembly offers for members to learn from each other. Equality is intrinsic to the way we conduct our business.  We take positive action wherever necessary to enable marginalised or excluded groups to become involved in the Assembly.

Membership of the Assembly is free and is open to voluntary and community sector organisations, networks and forums within Northumberland, as well as to anyone working for such organisations in a paid or unpaid capacity, including Trustees.