Photo credit: Seahouses fishing boats



Formerly Berwick Network, the North Northumberland Network (NNN) is for voluntary and community sector and public organisations who provide activities or services in North Northumberland i.e. Berwick, Belford, Seahouses, Wooler. The network is for anyone working or volunteering including staff, volunteers and trustees. North Northumberland Network is administered by Berwick Voluntary Forum.

Berwick Voluntary Forum acts as a voice for local voluntary sector organisations, through North Northumberland Network.  It acts as a conduit for those organisations in the 'tier above' to provide information to local organisations.  Through Berwick Voluntary Centre, it provides an accessible, comfortable, and easy to access meeting space for anyone who wants to use it and, through its annual awards ceremony, it provides an outlet for the feelings of pride that local people have in their own voluntary activities, and those of their fellow citizens.

The network is an ideal opportunity to share information about funding opportunities, local events, national campaigns and generally network with other voluntary and community groups in North Northumberland.  Agendas are based mainly around the sharing of information. The Network remains a unique local opportunity to bring together practitioners from the public and voluntary sector and to fill gaps other networks do not cover. This is especially important in the current difficult times when groups need, more than ever to work together to share resources and expertise.



Quarterly meetings are held in accessible locations in North Northumberland and issues raised can be fed into the Assembly Executive Committee

Contact  Berwick Voluntary Forum at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01289 332058