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This month started with sixteen people attending Cyber Security training. The trainer demonstrated the potential ease with which your files can be accessed without the proper safety and security in place and covered targeting and untargeted attacks. It was evident that just undertaking a few key activities can help protect your organisation. Five basic controls will put you and your organisation on the path to better cyber security.

Further details at: The training was considered very useful by attendees. If you are interested in receiving Cyber Security training then do let me know.

Northumberland CVA’s AGM was held this month with over 70 attendees. After the general business of the day, the event focused on climate change and what initiatives we can take locally to help mitigate our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. Karen Bentley-Brown talked about local initiatives in her home town of Kendal, Cumbria and then attendees considered the small changes we can make in our organisations and localities. Lunch was delicious, locally sourced and provided by Full Circle Food Project. Building on responses received we will be looking to consider how as a sector we can work collaboratively and increase commitment to ethical green practices. See the list of ideas from Karen 'Now is the time to Go Green'

The VCS Assembly Executive held their quarterly meeting this month and a key feature of the meeting was a discussion on the need to review the role and activities of the Assembly and Executive, identify our priorities and what we can do to increase our voice and influence. We will be arranging a meeting of the Executive in the new year with external facilitation to explore these issues and will keep you informed and consult with you. Notes of Executive meetings are on the Assembly website.

Network meetings were held in the south east and the north of the county, with presentations on the Northumberland Lottery:, and the review of library services in the county. 

The consultation on the library service will be in a future e-bulletin and provide you with an opportunity to give your views. Meetings generated a lot of discussion, not only on these topics but in relation to organisations sharing information about their current activities and how organisations could support and assist one another. If you have not been before, do come along to your local network meeting although you are very welcome at any network meeting across the county.

Ann Atkinson

Assembly Development Officer

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