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Ann Atkinson: Assembly Development Officer


Assembly Update December 2019 / January 2020




Working in partnership with Northumberland County Council we organised safeguarding training in December in the west of the county and 65 people attended. There is clearly a demand for this training and funders are requiring that applicants demonstrate that safeguarding policies are in place and that staff have received training. This training will be provided again in the north of the county in the summer.

We are also pleased to report that NCVA have received funding as part of a partnership bid to deliver newly developed safeguarding resources to VCS organisations over the next two years. This will enable the provision of additional safeguarding training and resources to voluntary and community groups across the county.


Partnership working to make a difference


Workstreams are progressing and provide the opportunity to work in partnership with the county council on key themes to deliver improved services and support to individuals and communities in Northumberland so we can learn to deliver better in future. The following provides information on some of the themes where most progress has been made to date

In relation to the Financial Wellbeing theme the focus of the group is the ability to meet bills and manage finances. The group will be looking at the range and levels of advice and identifying organisations providing money management/financial advice, levels of awareness of regulationsand gaps in provision.

In terms of the Digital Transformation theme a survey has been completed by 225 people to gauge presence online and issues. This will ensure products are right and led by what people want.

In relation to Employment and Inclusion the focus is on ensuring provision is coordinated and wide ranging to develop skills for the labour market and responsive to opportunities. VCS organisations have been asked about their capacity to deliver employment and skills interventions and partnerships opportunities. The Bridge project is being seen as a model that could be duplicated in future. The other themes are not so well developed and will be reported on in future.

Other activities involved attending a Locality Review on Community Safety and the NE Child Poverty Commission Event Child Poverty 2020:still here and rising which considered not only why the 2020 target has been so badly missed but also how we can work together to put tackling child poverty and its structural causes at the top of the political agenda. Further information from the Conference and the NE Child Poverty Commission work plan will be reported once available.

If you want any more information on the topics raised please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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