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Assembly Update – Feb 2020


You will be aware that a Statement of Intent was developed jointly and approved by the VCS Liaison Group and Cabinet in June2015, and that it was then updated in October 2018 to ensure improved partnership working between the VCS and the County Council.

Recognising that we could all readily identify instances where it appeared that the Statement of Intent had not been adhered to, the VCS Liaison Group and Cabinet agreed that it should be reviewed, strengthened and upgraded to an agreement.

The Assembly has now drawn up the draft Northumberland County Council and Voluntary and Community Sector Accord and it would be helpful to get your views on the content before it goes to the VCS Liaison Group for discussion and approval in May.  Is there anything missing? Are there additions/changes you feel should be made?  

To be successful, it is essential that officers and members of the Council and the voluntary and community sector are fully aware and adhere to the Accord.  It is important that councillors on the VCS Liaison Group champion the role of the voluntary and community sector in order to raise the profile of the sector in the Council and with wider public services.

Please read the draft Northumberland County Council and Voluntary and Community Sector Accord and send your views onto This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Assembly Survey – priorities and voice: your last chance to take part

For some weeks now, we've also been asking members to give their views on what they think the Assembly’s priorities should be focused on in the future, and how we can better represent the voluntary and community sector and have influence.  The information gathered from our simple survey will contribute to a facilitated meeting the Assembly Executive is taking part in at the end of March to discuss how the Assembly can better represent the sector – have a voice and also be heard.

Click on the link below to access the survey, which should take not more than ten minutes to complete.  Many thanks.
Take part now: 

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