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In early March the North Northumberland Network meeting had 36 attendees providing an opportunity for lots of information sharing, discussion and an update on the Council’s digital inclusion activity. It was a very informative meeting for me and hopefully likewise for the many attendees. This turned out to be the last network meeting before lockdown and it is difficult to foresee when we will be able to get back to a situation when we can resume these. In the meantime, if there are things you want to share or issues you would like to discuss do make use of our online discussion forum, Northumberland VINe. If you have yet to join the VINe and would like to, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us you name and the name of the organisation or group you are part of.

After spending leave towards the end of March in lockdown it was time to adapt to working from home, continuing to promote and support the sector and collectively looking at how best we can assist the sector during this time. Thanks to the seventy-four organisations who completed the brief survey sent out to get an understanding of how lockdown was impacted on their organisation and support needed. It has been useful contacting organisations subsequently on an individual level and providing any help we can to assist. The results of the survey can be found here VCS Assembly COVID-19 Impact Survey.

I’ve been involved in putting together safeguarding factsheets to support the volunteer mutual aid groups that have sprung up across the county and for individuals to ensure they are operating safely whilst doing a fantastic job supporting their local communities. I’ve also been collating information on what these groups are doing and sharing examples in the fortnightly e- bulletin which others might find useful.

I know a lot of you have had to adapt your ways of working in order to continue to deliver support to your users and are doing a great job in difficult circumstances, and I am sure you are already aware of the wealth of information to support the sector on our COVID-19 web pages If you need any further support or advice then please do not hesitate get in touch assembly@northumberland

Stay safe and take care.


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Ann Atkinson 

Assembly Development Officer


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