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Diversity, inclusion and equality are everyone’s business, so it’s important that we continue educating ourselves, and listen to colleagues from under-represented communities and the wider sector who are willing to share their lived experience to inform how we work.

We will be providing bite sized information as part of an ongoing conversation and would encourage you to share this information with colleagues and encourage their participation.

Firstly we will be looking at Inclusion.



Inclusion means being proactive to make sure people of different backgrounds, experiences and identities feel welcomed, respected and fully able to participate. It is not only about creating a diverse environment but also about ensuring a culture exists where individuals can be their full selves.

The following brief YouTube videos talk about creating a culture of inclusion and about situations when individuals do not feel included. It is important that we all to recognise it’s okay to ask questions and acknowledge that there’s always more to learn.

The videos are no more than a few minutes long and you many want to use them as a basis for discussion in your own organisations.

If you have experiences where you have felt not listened to or have felt discriminated against by organisations then please do let us know so we can share stories which can help us all understand the impact of certain actions on others.

In telling us your stories, we want to be able to treat them in the strictest confidence, so please do not respond via the comments below.  Instead, email your stories to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


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