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Equality means ensuring every individual has equal opportunities. By being conscious of and actively challenging bias or prejudice we make sure no-one is treated less favourably because of who they are or what makes them different from other people.

This requires a proactive approach to make reasonable adjustments that address the visible and invisible barriers people face. 



Equity is about making sure people are not unfairly prevented from accessing resources and opportunities nor that others have an unfair advantage. It is about giving people what they need for fair access. This is about removing inequalities to make sure everyone has the chance to realise their ambitions.


The following videos are no more than a few minutes long and are a good basis for discussion on these two concepts:


You might want to discuss or consider in your organisation the following questions:

  • What does a culture of equality mean to you and your organisation?
  • What can you do as an organisation to achieve greater equity?



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